Internet shop, acting under address, is led by ELLA Sp. z o. o., registered by Regional Court in Cracow, XI Economic Department to KRB under number 0000159283, NIP (Tax ID) 659-14-30-757, Regon (Statistical ID) 356331190, with premises in Miechow at Sienkiewicza Str. 22.

  1. Internet shop sales goods with the help of Internet.
  2. Orders are accepted on websites
    When order is placed, client is informed via e-mail about registration of his order in shop.
  3. Receipt of order to realisation begins:
    1. in case of the first orders paid on receipt and with transfer in our shop - when the shop receives e-mail from the client with confirmation of the placed order. Realisation of further orders is begun immediately after their receipt.
    2. in case of orders paid with credit cards – in the moment of authorisation of the card.
  4. Order will be realised under the condition that goods is available in storehouse or in shop’s suppliers. If part of ordered goods is unavailable, Client is informed about state of order and makes decision on way of its realisation (partial realisation, prolongation of time of expectancy, annulment of total of order).
  5. Limited number of goods is destined to promotional sale and clearance sale and realisation of orders follows according to the order of receipt of confirmed orders of goods, till depletion of resources, covered by this form of sale.
  6. VAT invoice or paragon is made out to each order. VAT invoice or paragon are made in the moment, when all ordered by Client goods are completed and ready to delivery.
  7. Client has right to withdraw the placed order in total to the moment of its sending.
    Implementation of the above changes is possible by contact with Bureau of Client Service via e-mail
  8. All prices are given in Polish currency and contain VAT tax. Price is given in each article and is binding when order is placed. Shop reserves the right to change prices of goods in offer, implement new articles to the offer of internet shop, carry out and cancel promotion actions on the shop websites or to implement changes.
    Costs of delivery will be added to the value of order. Delivery of goods takes place in way chosen and specified in the order.
  9. Term of receipted delivery = time of realisation + expected time of delivery
    Delivers are delivered by:
    Polish Post – priority mail, time of delivery 2 days
    Courier delivery, time of delivery 1 working day
  10. Client can choose the following forms of payment for ordered goods:
    1. on receipt: due is collected by postman or courier;
    2. with credit card,
    3. bank transfer on the shop’s account.
    4. through the medium of services servicing electronic payments: or
  11. in concordance with Polish Law from 2 March 2000 about “the safeguard of some consumers' laws and about the responsibility for the damage caused by dangerous product" client may resign from goods purchased in our shop without specification of cause within 10 days form the date of receipt of delivery.
    It is possible only when article has not been used or has not been damaged in any way.
    Returned goods should be returned together with delivered invoice or paragon. Shop guarantees return of sum equivalent to the price of goods. Money will be returned within 5 working days with bank transfer on account indicated by Client or with postal order under address specified in the order. Cost of the goods return does not subject to reimbursement.
  12. If after delivery of goods client will find production defects, he can benefit from guarantee benefits.
    In case of ascertainment of mechanical damages occurred during the delivery or other discrepancies, Client should send back defective product with postal mail on address: ELLA Sp. z o.o.; Sienkiewicza Str. 22; 32-200 Miechˇw. Shop does not accept any deliveries sent on delivery.
    Vat invoice or paragon should be added to the sent product.
    Complaints are considered no longer than 14 days from the date of receipt of delivery with complained goods.
    In case of reasonable complaint, the damaged product will be exchanged on product of full value, otherwise (for example because of depletion of resources), shop will give back equivalence of product’s price lub will offer other products, available in our shop.
    Costs related with return of goods, will be returned by the shop immediately after positive consideration of the complaint.
  13. Agreement of sale is formed between Client and ELLA Sp. z o. o. Consolidation, protection and disclosure of substantial resolutions of formed agreement follows by printing and assignment of VAT invoice or paragon together with delivery to Client.
  14. Agreement of sale of goods is drawn up in concordance with Polish Law and in Polish language.
  15. Court appropriate for the premises of ELLA Sp. z o.o. is appropriate to consider contentions resulting from agreement of sale.


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