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Girl with flowers 461-9Z 42cm


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Big cantilever 318-8Z 26cm


List price:€7,7
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Case 1045-8Z 11.5x10cm GIFT!
Case 1045-8Z 11.5x10cm GIFT!
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Crouching amor 1070-8Z 13cm GIFT!
Crouching amor 1070-8Z 13cm GIFT!
for free (= €0.00)

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Amor on a blue sphere 1048-9Z 25cm

Candlestick TULIP 1382-4Z 25cm

Picture with angel II 26x21cm natural 161-8Z

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Case with snail ornaments 1142-13Z 11cm apricot

Thin Santa 1200-4Z 28cm

Lady Nicol 1158-8Z 21cm natural

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HERBI, pink 994-11Z 31cm

Clement with a cristal, pink 37cm 984-11Z

Big land turtle 705-44Z 20cm

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Carol on a chest, pink 28cm 865-11Z

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Heart case 1151-13Z 16cm apricot

Amor with brunch of grapes, natural 13cm 1105-8Z


Putta 1055-8Z 13cm

MATAHARI 1239-44Z 29cm

Bust in a bonnet 1203-8Z 44cm

Eternal cupid triangle case 1275-8Z 8,5cm natural

Oval photo frame 1337-25Z 21cm

Picture with sea and boat, natural 1314-8Z 21x29cm

Cantilever 1159-81Z 36cm

Lady with a fan, pink 986-11Z 28cm

KAMIL, apricot 38cm 839-13Z

Amor with harp, sitting on the trunk 1098-8Z 42cm natural

Case Tiger 1208-9Z colored 6,5cm

Obrazek morze, łódka 1314-8Z 21x29cm

Lady with a fan, blue 986-12Z 28cm

Picutre with a rose 157-9Z 18x18cm

Big cupid head 1210-80Z 24cm natural

Photo frame 1267-4Z 25x20cm

Carol on a chest, blue 28cm 865-12Z

Lady Nadin 1157-8Z 21cm natural

Stage with Marcel, blue 26cm 993-12Z

Couple of cupids 21.5cm 1171-8Z natural

Angel with a book 1180-44Z 30cm

Photo frame 1258-4Z 18x18cm

Cupid sitting on a podium 1250-44Z brass 19cm

Cone in a flower pot 457-8Z 18cm

Young man 1040-9Z 27cm

Cupid head 1057-8Z 7cm GIFT !

Picture with sea and sailing boat, natural 1315-8Z 21x29cm


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