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Girl with flowers 461-9Z 42cm


List price:€20,3
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Big cantilever 318-8Z 26cm


List price:€7,7
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Case with cupids 339-8Z 10x10cm GIFT!
Case with cupids 339-8Z 10x10cm GIFT!
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Amor at candle holder 1036-8Z 12cm GIFT!
Amor at candle holder 1036-8Z 12cm GIFT!
for free (= €0.00)

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Cone 1044-9Z 29cm

Lady with a fan, blue 986-12Z 28cm

Heart case 1152-10Z 15cm mint

Photo frame 1260-2Z 21x16cm

HANKA with ducks, blue 854-12Z 35cm

Cone in a flower pot 457-9Z 18cm

Amor on a sphere 1048-8Z 25cm

Heart case 1151-10Z 16cm mint

Photo frame 1265-2Z 20x20cm

Photo frame 1264-8Z 18,5x18,5cm

Round relief 1064-9Z 18cm

Big leaning angel II 375-2Z 20x13 cm

Eternal cupid oval case 1277-12Z 8,5cm blue

Cube candlestick - sun 353-8Z 7cm

Palm trees case I 1148-44Z 15cm brass

Obrazek z papryką 158-9Z 18x18cm

Small cupid head 1212-80Z 14cm, natural

Clementine with flowers, green 35cm 985-10Z

Carol on a chest, green 28cm 865-10Z

Lady Nina 1155-11Z 21cm pink

Heart case 1215-88Z brick-red 11cm

Lady Nicol 1158-11Z 21cm pink

ISIA with a bear, apricot 980-13Z 35cm

Floating amor, candlestick 1413-13Z 25cm

Heart case 1215-8Z natural 11cm

Tuxedo dressed cavalier, blue 45cm 989-12Z

Amor with a trumpet 1313-81Z stone 29cm

Lary Taiw 1213-9Z 46cm kolor

Photo frame 1258-8Z 18x18cm

Heart case 1207-4Z metalic 7cm

Student, red 38cm 905-9Z

Sitting frog 1353-44Z 6cm brass

Bust in a bonnet 1203-44Z 44cm

Set of thin and podgy Santa 1200-552Z 28cm (statuettes in set -10%)

Cupid sitting on a podium 1250-8Z 19cm

AMOR at candleholder 1036-8Z 12cm

Small land turtle 703-9Z 10cm

Girl on a block 1302-2Z 22cm

Podgy Santa 1201-4Z 28cm

Angel Cloud 12.5cm 1165-8Z

Big angel cupid II 375-2Z 20x13cm

Heart case 1207-88Z brick-red 7cm

Cupid sitting on a podium 1250-81Z natural 19cm

Amor with garland, natural 14cm 1113-8Z

Cube candlestick - sun 353-2Z 7cm


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